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taurus love horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

1. Free Taurus Love Horoscope : Romance has caused you some serious grief lately, Taurus, so some welcome relief is coming your way in Year . You will find yourself more accepting and relaxed about love, or lack of it. Singles and the uninvolved will want to date around and play the field after the Second Half.

Love and life matter would remain plan on your order of the day throughout the year.  You will cross distinct cycles in relations Nevertheless, at the time of different parties of the year.  To the months of April, you will feel a model in relations karmiques.  It would be funny and to disport itself and a certain degree of stability accompanied of a model, that you could have been following for the two last years. 
Marrieds and couples will find more harmony, and will lose old jealousies and obsessiveness. Love is both romantic and sensual for you, especially around October to December . Serious, committed romance is in the stars right now, so go for it!