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The year will be rich in events for Sagittarius. Be with the current of the changes partly since December, 8. That indicates a beginning of a new period in your life. You can expect the social success, increase in the incomes and the positive changes in your love life. The new cycle starts and all the beginning which began it ya 13 years will have their results during the year .

Jupiter between Capricorn with second half of December and it becomes a time of the reflection on the realization of your projects. In your relationships to the opposed sex, you will become surer of him and have faith in you. But if your relations are unstable this May to lead to a bursting.

Define your objectives in January, you will be rewarded with the autumn. There will be much noise in February at the time of your May projects does not coincide with your possibilities. But you will certainly have do not feel the trouble. Await new friends, and throws meetings.

In Mars, you have many possibilities, but not to hasten. Sagittarius which is already married should not be tried to change something, it is better to take the opinion of your partner.

April is one of most romantic months the, when you are in phase with the love. You will become more trustful in May and will make a good decision. Try to be less authority with your partner and let decide it on important matters in June. An old friend or somebody May to appear in your life at that time.

September will inspire to you again when your life is rich in events. The most important thing during this period is to concentrate on your career. In October and November you will feel tempting, but it is not a good moment for a short-term romanticism. If you are in long-term relations, certain changes are likely to appear.

The end of November and the beginning of December, you will be with listening to conquer the object of your affection. Just with the end of the year, you will have to use your talents to face the various questions at the same time.