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The new moon in October, to indicate the beginning of new demonstrations which will take place until the beginning of . The leaders Pisces Neptune and Jupiter will be favorably aspect. That means many positive changes for you if you can suddenly discover something again or begin your life of the white page. Your intuition is particularly well at that time and you can make with the decision which will play a crucial role for you in the future.

In, Jupiter and Uranus aspect makes the life more dynamic and rich in events. It is about your emotional life and thus you May to decide well to change something in your relations.

February and Mars are the most interesting months which will be full with intrigues. Your feelings will be put to the test and you will have to eliminate much from things for yourself. It is a good time to express your creativity and to find new interests.

In April and May your family ties to be reinforced whereas physical relations in front of scene. In June the most critical period is the last quarter of the month when you have vigilant with possible problems which appear May in your relations with your partner.

July is the best month to plan a romantic voyage and to give an special attention to your partner. In August will be prone for you to minor conflicts in the relations but it May to renew your feelings.

September contributes to the mental activity and May also to meet you a new person. Period during the autumn May also you want to start old the relations or your current relations will remain the same ones.

At the end of November until the beginning of December, you will have to make a good decision. You will be crowned success in many aspects of your life, not only your love affairs.