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You will have a dilemma to know if it is necessary to choose between your ideals and of values, which will influence the course of the year . Saturn as a Virgo will lead you to establish bonds of family and traditions, resulting in a great support from people close to on your premise.

Uranus as Pisces predisposes you to reconsider your objectives and to solve certain problems. It will be important for you to empty your feelings of narrow people that the unforeseen changes and events appear May. If you are already married, you will have to choose between your career and family. If you are in the search of a partner, this year of surprised much for you. You will be in the center of the attention with many admirers in search of your satisfaction.

January brings in fugacious emotions and other objectives which to distract you from the questions of the personal life. In Mars to try to avoid making decisions impulsively. It will be one great moment for the creativity, when you can post your imagination and surprise your partner. In April, you it glare with your charm, intelligence and self-confidence.

May will June and those which support relations based on mutual interests and the respect. July will be the ideal moment to travel and of rest in the calm one, where you will be able to spend your time contemplating and to Libra your emotions.

September gives many possibilities likely to bring passion and success to you. A new departure become significant and pleasant to lead. In October and November, your feelings for your partner become deeper but you May duty to pass by certain obstacles.

Until December, 12 do not precipitate with serious decisions. You May of the evil to being in control of the situation. With the end of the year you will be rewarded for all the efforts made throughout the year. It is a time of the love declarations, new offers, emotions positive and romantic.