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For Capricorns year is completely succeeded with all the aspects. Like Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury between Capricorn with the end of the year, this indicate interesting events and situations, new possibilities and death of the past. In this love May means one period when you will have to make a serious decision.

Jupiter of transit in Capricorn widens your horizons and prepares you with an important choice and new experiments. In January there is important to remain calm and not to be tried by transitory the romance s. In February, you will make a very important decision or to organize a meeting which will play big role. In Mars, you will feel alternate and you will know what you really want. Be conscious step to reveal important information about you. At the beginning of July, you must find a compromise and obtain your way. During August eclipses lunar will be more vulnerable to you to the external influences, May and to suit you in the bad direction. Choose September for an honeymoon if you decide to marry you.

In October, you feel how changing your life can be. During this period, you May experiment emotional instability, jealousy and of passion. Consequently, this end May, is with disappointment or if not you May on a new level of intimacy with your partner.

With the end of the year, you have much time for the remainder to prepare you with a new turning in your life. For those which are in stable relations May means this change some, while for others, this May indicate a new romance .