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You to proceed to the whole of the plans for the year . Pluto is placed in Capricorn and that opens new possibilities of changing your practice of the relations which you do not want any more. One of the cancer of the enigma is the slope to resist any change and to be rather flexible at the same time when these modifications what concerns the people in the vicinity. In December Jupiter Capricorn between too and that indicates certain deep changes in your life and especially in your personal life. Situations extremely May to cause intense feelings. Even if you are in stable relations, this May to indicate the changes within your family circle. In your relations January May May at the end of May, but this open of the possibilities for a new romance . You will become more intuitive at the beginning of Mars. And although the emotions will be enormous at this period, you May to take a risk and of experimentation.

In April, you feel agitated, but it May to instigate your relations if they do not have passion. You want May to be spent time with your friends in May to distract you from its illusions. June will bring in the professional secrecy which you do not want to reveal with thirds. July is favorable for most intimate and of the close relationships within your family circle. Spend August to travel, to have good time flirter or to have a short-term romanticism.

If you envisage to record your relations or one to found a family, September will be one great moment to do it. This tendency will continue until November, date on which your love life will be on another level. You May need of more than safety than some May to enter in conflict with your objectives. You with your intuition in December trust - all will be good at this period.