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Free Sagittarius Forecast : Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and the third and last Fire sign (after Aries and Leo). It symbolizes the growing philosophical vision of the human spirit: expansiveness, optimism, and the refusal to be distracted by details (that is, the ability to form a global image of the world). Sagittarius is described as an archer, a wise centaur who is half man and half horse, and the philosopher in Sagittarius can shoot the arrow, like the centaur, into the heart of a matter.

Sagittarius can err too much (by going too far or too fast), but it urges us not to succumb to pettiness or ignoble actions. The influences he receives from Jupiter encourage him—and others transitively—to see the positive side of things.

Sagittarius can be considered as an evolutionary phase between Scorpio and Capricorn, in which the fixed, powerful and dominant energies become the pretentious and pragmatic ones of the Earth element. Free Horoscope for Sagittarius :

would see your return karma in your check after several years. This year, would be a mixture of eager work, a sustained pressure to carry out throughout rewards and at last in terms of growth and global gains.

The Horoscope Sagittarius predicts that the year will begin with a lot of works and the pressures exercised by the elderly people in the career as well as the influence of the high placed people in of other aspects of life. You must assure yourself remain yourself on the straight side of the law all to the long one, for the temptation could come to some returns to break the rules. As long as you remain clear and net in relations, the growth and the gains would come about it quickly. Modification of the location of the possible career now, also. All the deployed efforts during this year will translate itself by rich gains after November 15.