Virgo Love Horoscope 2024

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For years the Virgo challenge has been to open you to receive from other originality, creativity, freedom, and a dose of beautiful madness. The rights of the couple will be enforced. The question to be resolved is: which of the two is more restricted and who is granted more freedom? You experience instability and surprising changes in the world of relationships. Symbiotic or conflict-ridden links are unlikely to survive. If you know how to enter and leave them with freedom, you will suffer fewer startles.

During the year 2024 will be present responsibilities that will curb your craving for freedom. Some will have to help a relative. This will manifest through a disease or problem of a loved one. Somehow you are confronted with your strength and limits. You are asked to engage yourself on another level with yourself and with others. If you are dependent on other people, the supply will be cut off and you must seek sustenance or psychological independence.

And if you are overly demanding with yourself and others, you will have to say no to many things that you used to accept. You suffer impediments in situations in which you receive comfortably or deliveries with sacrifice. If you are the one who holds the relationship, the other will become more unstable or free. To carry it on good terms, they must agree between both rules and rights. Key: cement your inner authority and demarcate who you are and what you can do. The subject versus duty pleasure will be important to work with ease and not unconsciously deposited in the couple. The eclipses of Luna on July 7 and December 31, and the eclipse of Sun on July 22 will influence for six months the field of love and the couple.