Pisces Love Horoscope 2024

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For several years you have taken different paths and played other characters. You seek to know yourself, the other, and the world. You need to free yourself from limitations, and attachments. It is time to make looser, alternative, or different bonds that give you more freedom or break the routine. There are interferences, intermittences, and surprises in the world of relationships and love. The most phobic or elusive fish swim in their waters and take advantage of not being caught, and those who maintain a commitment should have added new ingredients to the relationship to be fed back. In 2024, those of the third dean ate will be more affected and those of the first two deans will rearrange the changes.

Until November 2024, you go through a period in which the couple and personal ties are reorganized and take another form. You must leave behind your individualistic, rebellious, and hesitant side or the over-demand, the boredom, and the heaviness. Dependent, symbiotic, or trustworthy links become a difficult imposition to carry. There are big differences: one is free and the other is too much, so they can be cut or exhausted. Tip: Fix and compensate for the flaw or malfunction of the relationship in some way. In other cases, you will have to support your partner or people who will need your help.

The circumstances are complicated, especially if there is a crisis in the couple. Relationships based on love and respect will pass the test of maturity. Weak loves do not have much chance to continue. The conflict is between freedom and responsibility; Rights and duties; Rebellion and compromise; Instability and security. See what you identify with and what you project in your mirror: the couple .

Are you responsible and the other the rebel, or vice versa? How do you compensate for your need for freedom with your obligations? What are the fears that you can now abandon? In 2024, the Pisces of the third dean ate will feel more strongly, and those of previous deaneries will place a new order in the world of bonds.

The lunar eclipses on July 7 and December 31 and the solar eclipse on July 22 will have a remarkable effect for several months in the field of courtship, pregnancy, or children.