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Scorpio sign compatibility with Aries : They will get on very well with each other. Both will be kind, generous and sincere in their relationships. This alliance will also bring lot of prosperity for them. They will trust each other. They can work harmoniously together in religious, educational and cultural institutions. There will be mutual interest in bringing ethical, religious, cultural and educational values into the home and family life.
Scorpio Compatibility Reports with Taurus : The boy can help the girl to be more effective in getting practical results. The girl can benefits from the boy's experience, discipline, caution and good organization skills. The girl can in turn, help the boy to be more courageous and energetic in over coming his fear and negativity. The natives encourage each other to take care of immediate work that requires patience and willingness and to handle the unpleasant task of life.
Scorpio Compatibility Test with Gemini : The girl usually regard the boy as harsh, burden some, cold, unsympathetic and negative. The boy often sees the girl as lazy, superficial, self-indulgent and lacking in serious purpose and discipline. This may also not be a good combination as far as progeny is concerned. There could be miscarriage or loss of children. However, this alliance may be considered, if other gunas are matched very well.
Scorpio Love Compatibility with Cancer : The boy is likely to be negative and unsympathetic towards the ideas and communications of the girl, and sees the girl as superficial and unreliable. The boy can also make heavy demands on the girl in terms of mental discipline and work. The boy may be a burden on the girl or a restrictive influence on her freedom and mental independence. The natives may increase each other's tendency towards a pessimistic and negative mental outlook.
Scorpio Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The natives will tend to rely on each other for security and stability. The boy can provide professional or financial security for the girl, and the girl can provide domestic comforts and security for the boy. The boy may have a disciplining and restraining influence on the emotional instabilities of the girl. Both will get on very well with each other. This combination also promises prosperity after the marriage.
Compatibility for Scorpio with Virgo : They are both required to have a lot of patience in order to understand each other's moods and feelings. The boy has the tendency to be self-centered, lazy, rude and unsympathetic in this relationship. Whatever, the girl may be out spoken at times. As a matter of fact both remain on a different mental plane. Togetherness may be achieved after putting sincere efforts into this relationship. However, if other gunas are matched well, this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Scorpio Compatibility Charts with Libra : The girl is likely to regard the boy as too conservative, opinionated, dull, unsympathetic, negative or uninspired. The boy is likely to react negatively and unsympathetically to the ideas and communications of the girl and make heavy demands on the girl in terms of mental discipline and work. The natives may tend to make each other more negative and depressed. Some times, jealousy and resentment may also enter into the picture.
Scorpio Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : The boy can help the girl to organize and find practical expression for her creative, artistic and social talents. The girl will provide social charm and diplomacy that will help to promote the business and professional objectives of the boy. In marriage relationships, this combination increase the mutual sense of responsibility, loyalty and stead fastness.
Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : This combination indicates that the natives will be involved in constructive and creative jobs. They will share each other's sentiments and provide their best possible support to each other. The boy can help the girl to use more discipline, organization skill and to be cautions in carrying out action and ambitions. The girl can help the boy to be more courageous and energetic in implementing plans, goals and in over coming fear and negativity.
Scorpio Compatibility Match with Capricorn : The girl is likely to regard the boy as selfish, materialistic and over concerned with worldly status. The boy is likely to regard the girl a lacking in ambition, practicality and common sense. The girl may also view the boy as hard, cold and unsympathetic, while the boy is likely to regard the girl as too soft and over- indulgent toward human weakness.
Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : This combination indicates that the natives will have the similar needs for security, stability, status and professional advancement. They will take a similar approach while handling important responsibilities and will have similar concepts of justice and fair play. They tend to bring out each other's ambitious, cautious and conservative tendencies. They will also develop a very good rapport and understanding with each other.
Scorpio Compatibility Meter with Pisces : There can be competition between the natives for status, power and position. Because of this each may consider the other as a threat to the it's security. It is likely that the natives will add to each other's tendencies of fear, despondency, pessimism, negative thinking or over conservatism. There could also be conflicts over handling of financial affairs.