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Sagittarius sign compatibility with Aries : This combination indicates a relationship that could lead to rash, impulsive and costly acts. The natives can encourage foolish, unrealistic and opportunism in each other. Conflicts can arise over differences in religious, philosophical, ethical, legal or educational outlooks. The boy is likely to regard the girl as sanctimonious, lazy, inefficient and self-indulgent. The girl is likely to regard the boy as impulsive self-centered and lacking in certain principles and in social and cultural refinements.
Sagittarius Compatibility Reports with Taurus : Relationships with this combination require patience and moderation. The over-optimism of the boy combined with the impulsiveness of the girl can result in rash, ill-considered actions and expenditures. The boy exercises poor judgement by giving into the selfish actions of the girl who may regard the boy as pompous, inactive, hypocritical and sanctimonious. The boy is apt to regard the girl as impulsive, rash, selfish, inconsiderate and some times violent. There could also be danger of lack of children or premature demise of the child.
Sagittarius Compatibility Test with Gemini : Since, this combination is not overly harmonious, as the natives can be insincere and hypocritical toward each other. They may encourage each other in non-productive and self-indulgent habits or financial extravagances. There may be differences in cultural, esthetic, religious or educational habits and tastes. The girl may regard the boy as over concerned with religious, philosophy and cultural institutions. The boy may regard the girl as superficial, self-indulgent and hedonistic.
Sagittarius Love Compatibility with Cancer : The boy can help to develop the wisdom and broaden the spiritual and philosophical outlook of the girl. The girl can help the boy to fill in some of the practical details in his broad philosophical outlines. The natives tend to foster optimism and a constructive mental outlook in each other by encouraging each other to positive thinking. This combination also strengthen the over all compatibility in the charts.
Sagittarius Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The natives can ponder over each other's weaknesses and self-indulging tendencies. Especially in matters of food and domestic comforts. There can be difficulties over differences in religious back ground and social upbringing. The natives may feign generosity and concern for each other's welfare, while they are secretly concerned about security, money or other material gains. They tend to make each other nervous, upset and irritable.
Compatibility for Sagittarius with Virgo : The natives are usually kindly disposed and generous toward each other, but they can encourage each other to various excesses and over indulgences that can be very harmful to one or both. Some times, the boy's moralizing or preaching may antagonize the girl, while the girl can seem overly proud and egotistical to the boy. There may be differences over religious and philosophical beliefs, as well as practical difficulties in family and domestic matters.
Sagittarius Compatibility Charts with Libra : The boy will bring out the moral and ethical qualities in the girl, while the latter can help the boy to be more detailed and practical in pursuing humanitarian and philosophical goals and ideas. There will be one ease of communication between the natives, that will smooth any difficulties that may arise. The natives will be honest, considerate and straight forward with each other. This combination will bring out a sense of humor in both natives.
Sagittarius Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : The natives will stimulate each other's interests and participation in religion, charitable activities and pursuits especially, when these are combined with social functions. They will be considerate, gentle and generous toward each other and share an intuitive rapport. The girl can help the boy to make religious, philosophical, cultural or educational interests more personally meaningful and effective. The boy can help the girl to express social and esthetic talent in a way that is effective and meaningful in the larger context.
Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : Indicates that there will be differences of opinion between the natives. The boy may feel that the girl is too self-opinionated and rash in her actions. The girl may feel that the boy is impractical and hypocritical in his approach. They may regard each other not up to their mark. This combination does not increase the prosperity too.
Sagittarius Compatibility Match with Capricorn : They will develop a very good rapport and harmony in their relationships. The natives will confide in each other about their inner emotional feelings and spiritual aspirations. The natives are apt to deal with each other in an honest, responsible and ethical way. They will have a beneficial influence on each other's sense of timing and organization. This combination does strengthen the over all compatibility in the charts.
Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : The boy is likely to regard the girl as selfish, materialistic and over-concerned with worldly status. The girl is likely to regard the boy as lacking in ambition, practicality and common sense. The boy may also view the girl as hard, cold and unsympathetic, while the girl is likely to regard the boy as too soft and overindulgent toward human weakness.
Sagittarius Compatibility Meter with Pisces : There will be a sense of responsibility toward each other. The boy is able to help the girl over come pessimism and negativity. The girl will help the boy to be practical and realistic in professional, organizational and financial affairs. This is an excellent combination for responsible co-operation in marital relationships. In general, the natives respect each other and bring out the best in each other's character.