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Pisces Compatibility Reports with Taurus : The sign of the fish rules of the Room of unconscious, which in known as length on the world which Pisces live a state of dream is very attractive for Pisces sign compatibility - Aries : Since, this combination is not overly harmonious, natives can be insincere and hypocritical towards each other. They may pretend to express sweetness and light, while, in reality, they are avoiding unpleasantness or seeking personal, social or financial gains. They may encourage each other in non-productive self- indulgent habits. There may be differences in cultural, esthetic, religious or educational habits and tastes. However, we give importance to the overall compatibility, if that exists, this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Pisces Compatibility Reports with Taurus : Important differences are indicated in the natives' approach to personal action, professional ambition and business affairs. Any attempts to order each other around or coerce each other, will result in conflicts and resentment. The natives are apt to dare or goad each other to ill-considered, impulsive acts, out bursts of tempers and in extreme cases, physical combat can occur with this combination.
Pisces Compatibility Test with Gemini : The natives will enjoy each others company in social activities, romantic relationships games, sports and travels. They will have a compatible taste with respect to cultural art forms and social belief regarding romance and physical mores. The girl can make the boy to be more diplomatic and harmonious in personal action and self- expression. The boy can help the girl to put creative artistic ideas into expression.
Pisces Love Compatibility with Cancer : The natives have a tendency to lose patience for each other and get into arguments.The girl is likely to regard the boy as too impulsive and aggressive, while the boy is likely to view the other as all talk and no action. The boy is likely to make the girl irritable and nervous. If the natives are to get along, they must work hard at excercising patience and consideration in speech and communication.
Pisces Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The natives may have the liking for each other, but there are certain areas, where both are poles apart. They may not be able to reach at a compromising point as far as individual ideology is concerned. This basic reason may not allow them to form a harmonious relationship. There could also be danger of premature demise of children or lack of progeny. However, if other gunas are matched well, one can go for alliance.
Compatibility for Pisces with Virgo : Both will be ambitious and energetic in improving the conditions of their lives. The natives often have a strong sense of camaradie and friendly competition and share interest in out-door, physical sports and games. Each native stimulates the other's willpower, strength and determination to accomplish some thing significant. This combination also strengthens the over all compatibility of the charts.
Pisces Compatibility Charts with Libra : Natives with this combination intellectually stimulate and energize each other. The boy can help the girl to put her ideas into action. The girl can help the boy to be more efficient and organized in his actions. The natives can have a sense of friendly mental competition and can be fond of games. There may be a mutual interest in politics and a fondness for debate. The natives can help each other to put ideas to constructive use and direct energy into actualizing worthwhile ideas.
Pisces Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : There can be problems with jealousy and possessiveness. The natives must exercise consideration and diplomacy, if, they are to remain friends. The boy must avoid being overly aggressive and inconsiderate and the girl must avoid being supersensitive and must not get easily hurt. It is necessary for the individuals to work in harmony with respect to financial affairs and mutual property. If, this is not done, one or both parties will feel that they are being used and resentment and conflict will result.
Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : The natives spur each other's drive and initiative without ego confrontation. They will encourage each other's efforts at self-improvement through physical exercise, professional initiative or business enterprise. The natives encourage each other to take care of immediate work that requires patience and willingness and to handle the pleasant tasks of life. This combination also strengthens the over all compatibility of the charts.
Pisces Compatibility Match with Capricorn : This is not suppose to a good combination .There could be differences of opinion on certain issues, which may ultimately lead into heated arguments. They may find it difficult to reach at any mutual argeement. This is also not a good combination for financial prosperity. The natives will be tempted to blow up money without realizing its worth and as a result, they may face financial crises.
Pisces Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : The girl can help the boy to be more effective in getting practical results. The boy can benefit from the girl's approach, discipline, caution and good organization skills. The boy can in turn, help the girl to be more courageous and energetic in over coming her fear and negativity. The natives encourage each other to take care of immediate work that requires patience and willingness and to handle the task of life.
Pisces Compatibility Meter with Pisces : They will develop a very good understanding and rapport of each other's moods and feelings. The boy will help the girl to come out from her fear and inertia. His dynamic approach will make her more energetic and action oriented. In turn, she will help him to be more discipline and organized in his action. This combination will certainly promote the status of the couple, once they are united.