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Libra sign compatibility with Aries : This combination is conducive to emotional and social compatibility. The natives will enjoy each other's company in social activities, romantic relationships, games, sports and travels. They will have compatible taste with respect to cultural, art form and social beliefs regarding romance and sexual mores. The boy can help the girl to be more diplomatic and harmonious in personal action and self- expression. The girl can help the boy to put his creative and artistic ideas into expression.
Libra Compatibility Reports with Taurus : There will be a vast difference in their temperament and it will be quite evident when they start living together. Neither of the two parties will try to understand other's point of view and will rather justify own-self. This arragngement could lead into heated arguments. They must cultivate a sensitive awareness of each other's moods, feelings, tastes and social reactions, if they are to succeed in a close relationship.
Libra Compatibility Test with Gemini : This is not a good combination. The boy often sees the girl as too intellectual, dry and unemotional. The boy can seem too emotional, lazy and sentimental to the girl. There can be differences of opinion over handling of finances, work or business affairs. The boy may resent the tendency of the girl to spend money on what the boy considers to be unnecessary luxuries. The natives are apt to disagree on matters related to dresses, personal hygiene, diet or work habits.
Libra Love Compatibility with Cancer : This is one of the best combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. The natives tend to be sympathetic and considerate of each other and will share social, musical, artistic and other refined cultural activities and appreciations. They will share an interest in creating a harmonious, beautiful home and domestic life. They, the natives, will have a sympathetic and emotional understanding of each other's moods and feelings, which can border on the intuitive level.
Libra Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The natives enjoy each other's company and will have fun together. There will be good emotional rapport, mutual sensitivity and generosity .The natives will stimulate each other's will to accomplish some thing significant in the area of creative self-expression and self-improvement. The natives will support each other in efforts to improve their living conditions and will exert constructive leadership in worthwhile endeavors.
Compatibility for Libra with Virgo : Lack of proper communication will play a vital role to prevent the natives to arrive at a promising point. They will also make heavy demands from each other at wrong times. This is not a good combination as far as general prosperity is concerned. There could be disputes over handling the finances, business or trade etc. However, we give the importance to the overall compatibility, if that exists, there is no harm to go for this alliance.
Libra Compatibility Charts with Libra : The natives will be emotionally sympathetic and understanding toward each other. They will have similar tastes in regard to art, music and social conduct. The natives will be able to communicate with each other intelligently about their emotional feelings and responses. They will enjoy social activities with mutual friends. There can be many comings and goings in the mutual pursuits of pleasure. This combination also strengthens the over all compatibility of the charts.
Libra Romance Compatibility with Scorpio :
Libra Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : This combination often produces strong physical attractions. However, there is usually a lack of real emotional compatibility and mutual consideration. The relationship can be entered into by one or both parties merely for physical gratification, without real concern for the other party as a person. The boy is likely to see the girl as impulsive, harsh, ill-mannered or inconsiderate. The girl may consider the boy to be soft, lazy, self-indulgent and emotional super sensitive. The natives tend to influence each other to be impulsive in both emotional expressions and financial expenditures.
Libra Compatibility Match with Capricorn : The natives will stimulate each other's interest and participation in religious and charitable activities and pursuits, especially when these are combined with social functions. They will be considerate, gentle and generous toward each other and share an intuitive and emotional rapport. The boy can help the girl to make religious, philosophical, cultural or educational interests more personally meaningful and effective. The girl can help the boy to express social and esthetic talents in a way that is effective and meaningful in the larger cultural context.
Libra Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : This is one of the best combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. The girl can help the boy to organize and find practical expression for this creative, artistic and social talents. The boy will provide social charm and diplomacy that will help to promote the business and professional objectives of the girl. In marriage relationships, this combination increases the mutual sense of responsibility, loyalty and steadfastness. This combination also strengthens the compatibility of the charts.
Libra Compatibility Meter with Pisces : This combination indicates that both will have mutual liking of each other but thinking pattern of life will be quite different. At times, lack of communication may not allow them to reach at any compromising stage. This may also not be a good combination for progeny. There may be a danger of less children and loss of the child may also occur. However, if other gunas are matched well, this alliance may be taken into consideration.