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Capricorn sign compatibility with Aries : This is one of the best combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. The natives will have a sympathetic, emotional attunement with each other. A mutual appreciation of the good things in the life can lead to a strong mutual involvement in establishing a pleasant and beautiful domestic life. They will often have cultural interest in common and will use their home as a place for pursuing each others activities and as a gathering place and refuge for family and friends.
Capricorn Compatibility Reports with Taurus : These natives will communicate with each other in a kind and considerate way. They can share literary, esthetic, and social activities and interests. The esthetic perception of the boy will be of intellectual interest to the girl and the ideas of the girl will provide esthetic inspiration for the boy. In a marriage, the natives ability to communicate about emotional and psychological concerns will help them to work out whatever differences and difficulties that may arise.
Capricorn Compatibility Test with Gemini : Both signs are 2nd and 12th from each other, which indicates that one will strife hard to earn money and the another will blow it up. This phenomenon could lead to dire consequences. They might face difficulty to understand each other's moods and feelings and may make wrong demands at improper time. A vast gap in their approach and dealing would be quite apparent. However, if other gunas are matched well, then this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Capricorn Love Compatibility with Cancer : A close emotional link in important relationships is indicated by this combination. The natives will develop very good understanding and harmony between themselves. They will be able to share their feelings and emotional relations and are likely to spend a great deal of time in each others company. There may also be co-operation in social activities, which will be centered around family or domestic issues like cooking, and entertaining for group and organizational gathering. This combination will strengthen the overall compatibility of the charts.
Capricorn Astrology Compatibility with Leo : This may not be a good combination. They might face difficulty to develop a fine wavelength and rapport between them selves. At times, both will lack understanding of each other's moods and feelings. There is also a danger to reach sharply overall issues, since they both do not believe in responding nicely. Family life could become a source of some hassle for them. Financially also, this combination may not be very good. Still, we give importance to the over all compatibility in the charts, if it exists, then this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Compatibility for Capricorn with Virgo :
Capricorn Compatibility Charts with Libra : This is one of the best combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. They will be able to communicate on a perfect wavelength and will express their feelings and emotions nicely. Financial prospects will also become much better after this alliance. The natives are likely to stimulate each others interests in psychology and human relationships. In a marriage, the natives' ability to communicate about emotional and psychological concerns will help them to work out, whatever differences and difficulties may arise.
Capricorn Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : This combination indicates compatible ideas in the areas of art, literature, music, social activities and cultural pursuits. There is mutual consideration and gentleness in communication. The natives usually will enjoy their mutual friends and engage in many social activities. In marital relationships, the natives are able to communicate their feelings and emotional reactions and resolve, whatever emotional difficulties may exist in the relationships. They tend to stimulate each other's sense of humor and fun-loving qualities.
Capricorn Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : This is not a good combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. There will be wide differences in their approach to deal with each other. The area of differences would be the value of life and it is unlikely for them to give up their points of views. If both are keen to live together, then a great deal of understanding is required, which is, of course not impossible. As we give importance to the over all compatibility, if it exists, there is no harm to go for this alliance.
Capricorn Compatibility Match with Capricorn : These natives are apt to engage in many long-winded, in-conducive discussions and philosophical meanderings. The boy may regard the girl as too general and impractical in philosophical outlook, while the girl is likely to regard the boy as overly concerned with details and lacking in overall wisdom and comprehensive understanding. Confusion can arise in the relationship over keeping appointments and adhering to agreed upon schedules. However, if the other gunas are matched well, then this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Natives with this combination will intellectually stimulate and energize each other. The girl can help the boy to put his ideas into action. The boy can help the girl to be more efficient and organized in actions. There will be an ease of communication between the natives that will smooth any difficulties that may arise. The natives will be honest, considerate and straight forward with each other. The combination will bring out a sense of humor in both the natives.
Capricorn Compatibility Meter with Pisces : This is not a good combination as far as compatibility is concerned. The boy is likely to regard the girl as too conservative, opinionated, dull, unsympathetic and negative. The girl is likely to react negatively and unsympathetically to the ideas and communications of the boy and make heavy demands on the boy in terms of mental discipline and work. The natives can tend to make each other more negative and depressed. Still, one may consider this alliance, if there's over all compatibility.