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Aquarius sign compatibility with Aries : Not a very harmonious combination and these two may not find much happiness in their union. Both are allergic to restrains of any kind and will not like playing 2nd fiddle to anyone. They are both are likely to think only in terms of ""i"" and are guided by strong ambitions and self- esteem. The girl can be arrogant when not given her way and the boy is naturally cunning and suave in his understanding. One has to be more masterful in order to control the other. So there may always be a struggle as to who can do better.
Aquarius Compatibility Reports with Taurus : They will live together peacefully and quietly. Both are calm and intelligent enough to do whatever is practical and necessary. However, they can only gratify each other to a point, as they tend to perform what is essential and not much more. Matrimony for them will have to be a well thought out affair with equal sharing of responsibility. There will be some snags, when either one starts to think he is bearing a little more of the weight than he should. They are both gifted and initiative but may neglect to encourage each other, at times.
Aquarius Compatibility Test with Gemini : This is not a favorable combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. Each has a different approach to life. He is cautious, tenacious and strong willed. He has long term goals. She is adventurous, mercurial and impatient. She cares more for the joy of the moment. He is consistent in his endeavors. She is impulsive, quick witted but inconsistent. He finds her irresponsible and hard to keep up with, while she dislikes his serious, calm and deliberate mental deductions. Not a very satisfying union for either.
Aquarius Love Compatibility with Cancer : This is one of the best combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. These two partners will work together most constructively. She is a happy and competent homemaker, while he is the great strategist, which will make her feel immensely proud of him. The girl could get the enchanting boy to settle-down nicely and he will adore her industry and parsimony. They will be constantly discovering desirable qualities in each other and their marriage will be rewarding, fulfilling and financially auspicious.
Aquarius Astrology Compatibility with Leo : These two partners may not find accord in such a relation because of the differences in their personalities. She is annoyed by his detached, cautious and impeccable ways as she is affectionate, inspired and very personable one. He can reassure her that he is a dedicated and capable provider and a good family man. But he does not care for her or any one else who anchor their hopes on him, so he goes off in whatever direction he pleases. They both need to put sincere efforts to pull on together.
Compatibility for Aquarius with Virgo : He requires physical as well as mental freedom. She is level headed, industrious and affectionate. She will be contented to stay in a close knit family, and he must constantly explore uncharted seas. She is resourceful and thrifty. He is adventurous, flirtatious and changeable. They will not see eye to eye on how things should be done because of the differences in their temperament. After careful appraisal, neither may find each other appealing enough to join forces permanently.
Aquarius Compatibility Charts with Libra : Both are too egoistical and forceful to co- exist happily. He is an extrovert and a natural showman. She is an introvert and reticent. No doubt, both parties have excellent positive sides but they may not get a chance to display them. He has an innate superiority complex and considers her dull and unimaginative. She may be blunt, proud and will not mince words when it comes to pointing out his flaws. Both will need to exercise great control over their basic urges to achieve any kind of rapport.
Aquarius Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : One of the best matches as they will both be able to harness their positive forces and achieve lasting unity and success together. Both are aware, aggressive and very ambitious. The boy is practical and crafty, while the girl has more than enough willpower and energy for the two. He will plan, while she will get their goals higher each time. He loves challenges and she gives him great reassurance by standing behind him through thick and thin. Both will indulge each other, exchange ideas and work in harmony.
Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : This is not a good combination as far as bhakoot compatibility is concerned. They may find it difficult and apt to consider things very carefully before passing judgement. She is governed by her emotions and intuitions. They are both too practical or too self-absorbed to make any great effort at adjusting to each other. She is bored by his deliberation and sensitivity. He finds her thoughtless, inconsistent and mercenary. One prefers rest and solitude, the other is constantly on the go. This union could never work at such different paces.
Aquarius Compatibility Match with Capricorn : This match may not bring out the best in each party. Both are charming and pleasant but not selfless and dedicated individuals. They could be friendly and sincere but constant co-existance may create a strain on both of them. He is possessive and romantic and she tends to be to passive in her response to him. Expectations on either side may be greatly reduced in the final accounting. This is also not a good combination for progeny. There could be danger of less child birth or immature demise of some.
Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : Both are adaptable and intelligent enough to leap over obstacles barring their progress. Both are inimated and demonstrative persons who can find real joy in their union. The girl is loyal, honest and sincere enough to follow the boy's excellent vibrations. She will be impressed by his intelligent, high spirited and perceptive ways. While he loves her sense of humour, reason and logic. The girl is realistic enough to understand and accept the boy's shortcomings, while he will not take offence at cust, observant and straight forward manner.
Aquarius Compatibility Meter with Pisces : A good and lasting match. The girl is imaginative, charming and diplomatic. The boy is straight forward but agreeable in manner. Both enjoy honest, fun and entertainment, but will prefer activities that have useful purposes. They have innately co-operative spirits and will allow each other a fair degree of independence and assertiveness. Both will have little difficulty in putting up with each other's peculiarities. A union that should bring out the best in each of the partners.