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Sagittarius people like animated, entertaining encounters, no pressures, no charges. They are good for parties, they like to live in the moment and they value freedom very much. According to the Love Horoscope 2021 for Sagittarius, when these people fall in love you will immediately realize it, they cannot hide it and demonstrate it in various ways, with gifts, invitations and various entertaining activities to do. When he falls in love, such is the strength of his desires that he spares no effort to get what he wants in love. Enthusiasm and intensity are characteristic of these natives. Sex is very important although sometimes they just want to enjoy moments of passengers. The main features of his romances are the enthusiasm and intensity in everything he does with his partner. When the relationship goes through some disagreements, you can't leave it for later, you have to deal with the situation and try to fix it quickly and in the best way.

The near future in the 2021 Love Horoscope for Sagittarius is seen as a transitional period. They are preparing for a new, more auspicious and encouraging cycle. It is necessary to leave behind ghosts and bad relationships and predispose to a new stage. They may feel a little scrambled internally, but it's part of the process when you move from one state to another. If they have to finish something, it's time to do it and wait with great confidence in themselves what will come to follow. It is a period in which they have to seek supports internally, you are the one who forges your destiny and your future and therefore it is necessary to strengthen self-esteem, know you more and always love you a little more.