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According to the 2021 Love Horoscope for Leo, these individuals are infatuating, flirtatious and seductive, there is no person who has not fallen into the clutches of some lioness or leonine, as they are charming and unsturific. They are very adventurous and like to get out of the typical routine of the bride and groom, surprise their couples with encounters in different places, improvised or sought after very carefully. They love good conversation, laughter, toying and eroticism. No doubt that compliments, feeling loved and strengthening your ego is something they love. However, while they like to be shown love, they also like sincerity, they don't like to be victimized, they are proud and prefer to be told the truth or to end the relationship than to be looked at with pity.

The Love Horoscope 2021 for Leo shows us that in the near future they will have to resolve unfinished business. Behaviors and habits that are not beneficial to your love life are repeated and you need to reflect on it and release the things that prevent them from evolving. Leos need to learn to control their emotions, especially jealousy as they will make things even more complicated with their partner. Self-esteem and self-confidence need to be strengthened so that they can face the inconveniences. There may be disappointments in the near future and you will understand that you do not want to go through this feeling again. If you follow the path of internal development, complete a stage and set out to start a new one, with renewed airs, a new, more encouraging and happy cycle will begin.