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People of the Capricorn sign first need to understand the person they are interested in and feel safe to give their love and affection. They are practical, sincere and may seem serious and cold, but this is just a mask, at the time of delivery they are very affectionate. According to the Love Horoscope for Capricorn these natives when they are really in love are very dedicated to their partner, are faithful, understanding, good communicators and seek a stable and lasting relationship over time. Like the other signs of the earth element,these natives have their feet well laid on the ground, although they are romantic they will not do crazy things or leave everything to go in search of a love. They want to build strong relationships on the basis of love and security, and they will be persevering in it.

If we try a watticinium in the 2021 Love Horoscope for Capricorn we can say that it approximates a period in which one person walks away and another approaches, or with other words, you leave a relationship and a feeling that does not do you good and you are attracted to a new romantic energy. There is something to be careful about and it is not to repeat the same mistakes again. If there's someone who's not really doing you any good, you'll need to make a final decision these days. If a new feeling shocks you strongly and emotionally is not guaranteed to become a lasting relationship, let things flow, do not force and try to be very attentive to what is going on in your mind and in your heart, in any case good energies are augured.