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The Virgo who are living a period of singleness, forced or not, will witness the collapse of this lifestyle by the hand of a power of unusual seduction for the sign. Sensuality and eroticism will go through the lives of these natives and will permeate each of their acts until they become a real need. In this way, they will meet a person with whom they will live various situations of a sexual nature that will make them change the concept of love. Being puritanical and demure was fine until now, but under the precept that in life you have to try everything, modesty will be relegated and will be atrophied by this year. The good news is that all this energy will be focused towards the correct goal, since Virgo will be able to transform itself into what it is not, but it will never stop being what thanks to its sign it is.

The natives of this sign that are in pairs will go through important changes this year. So vital is a modification of the root that those who resist to carry it out, will reach the limit of the tension in their love relationship. Each couple will have something different to change: routine, sexuality, communication or the number of members that make up the family, among other things, but what Virgo must have very clear is that a turn in the love life is the only thing that can save the relationship and restore peace of mind to the representatives of the zodiac who need to have control of everything, especially his love life.