Taurus Love Horoscope 2019

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The Taurus that do not have a partner will have to go through many attempts to find the ideal person. Their natural inclination to beauty will lead them to be dazzled by a beautiful face or a spectacular body, but this is not the way to go to achieve the relationship based on the emotional closeness and commitment that this native seeks. Therefore, if you want a serious bond, it is best to ignore the physical aspect and concentrate on finding the values ​​you are looking for in a life partner. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy your bachelorhood, you can continue to focus on the voluptuous physical goodness you enjoy so much.

On the other hand, the natives of the sign who are in pairs will experience some moments of tension in their relationship when they see that their expectations regarding the other person are not fulfilled. It has already happened on other occasions and has not managed to learn to handle a lower level of expectations about what does not depend on them. Taurus must learn that each one has his way of loving, wrong or not, and if he loves his partner, it is necessary that he learn to accept that the loved one will show his love in a different way than they want. This is a good year to practice tolerance in this regard. For the tension to disappear, it will be necessary for Taurus to relax and let them love him as they know and as they can.