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Libra singles will travel for a year in which the illusion of love forever will be blurred as they realize that it will not happen, at least not in 2019. However, and to the surprise of the zodiac romantics, this It will not be a problem, as they will live a fun and entertaining singleness. Many lovers will go through his bed, which will leave to the children of the balance a good collection of sensual and erotic memories, but none of these artists of love will be so memorable as to leave traces in the hearts of these natives. All these encounters will make Libra connect with himself again and renew his ideas about what he really looks for in love. Mental liberation will also play a very important role in this field,

The natives of the balance who are in pairs, will go through a crisis from which it will not be easy to leave. Love does not smile at these representatives of the zodiac, but seems to mean no, once again. There will be few librans who will surprise themselves by being infidels this year. The routine will wreak havoc with your relationship and you will need that breath of fresh air that a love affair gives you. Do not have any illusions about this new extramarital couple, as they will not get very far. So having things clear from the beginning will avoid possible disappointments. With the stable partner they already have, it will be necessary to talk to clarify certain points and establish new parameters on which to base the relationship. The crisis will be inevitable,