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If you are not in a couple, before you can walk the path of life on the arm of your loved one, you will have a long way to go. This year is ideal for exploring in the sexual field, especially to discover new ways of feeling and conceiving sexuality, but this field will be well differentiated from love. It will be a mistake to believe that a relationship will emerge from each intimate encounter. If you allow yourself too much illusion, soon you will have exhausted your lovemaking energies and you will no longer have the strength to give your love to whoever really deserves it. What are these important changes? In the first place, you have to eradicate that habit of yours so much that you want people to change. When you fall in love, you form an ideal in your mind with how you think the person is, but when reality comes before you, instead of accepting it, you do everything possible so that the object of your affection is transformed into what you want it to be. That is not the right path to love and, if you do not change it, you will continue to jump from relationship to relationship. On the other hand, a substantial change you must make is to give more in relationships. Your image promises things that you do not give afterwards and that generates a lot of disappointment in those who believed you in a different way.

The Leo that are in pairs will have to face the truth this year. The person next to a lion must make a huge effort to meet the demanding expectations and demands of the zodiacal feline, but in 2019 it removes all lies, farce and "sentimental theater" from the lives of Leo and makes them face a true that it will not be exactly to your liking. From the first months of the year, the true personality will come to light and, what is more important, the true "person" who is who they believe they love. The decision about whether to continue or give up that relationship will be in the hands of the native of August, but we recommend that you take some time to think, since the facets of the person next to you may be even better than what you have done so far. have seen.