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Single Cancer will feel the urgent need to be together again. While this will revive your inner fire and awaken your creativity, you will also have your negative side by taking the representatives of the sign to circle around looking for something in the most inappropriate way. Love will not come through a person you meet in a casual or festive environment. Forget about looking for your prince or princess in a disco, at a bachelor party or at a holiday resort; True love will come this year from the hand of work. So the best thing you can do is take a look at those colleagues with whom you have shown so reluctant to rub shoulders, as one of them will revive the flame of love in you.

As we will also see in other aspects of life, this is a year of ruptures for the representatives of the crab. If we translate this into the couple's domain of the natives who have one, the hopes that the union will prevail are slim. There are many relationships of this sign that will be exhausted during the year that begins. The previous year had begun to establish a slow, but sustained, debacle of the sentimental relationship of these representatives of the zodiac. Therefore, in the coming months many relationships will end up falling apart. If you were wondering if there was any hope of saving the union, the answer is yes, there is, but this is passion and lust. If you are the one who has begun to stop feeling that inner warmth and that burning fire that drives you to be loved as if a magnet were taking you to his arms and to his lips, then do not try harder: everything will be lost. On the other hand, if the flame of love beats in your heart, recover your man or your woman assuming an uninhibited role, even libidinous, and your relationship will be reborn.