Aquarius Love Horoscope 2019

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The single Aquarius will feel a strong need to be in pairs to be able to share all the good and bad that comes into their lives. The excess of freedom has become solitude and the water carrier is not a sign to confine himself away from human company and enjoy life on his own. So, little by little, you will realize that independence and freedom are values ​​to be used with droppers, never in a gush. This year romance will come to you through work, study or friendship. Many Aquarius will finally realize that they are in love with a friend for longer than they would have thought possible to maintain the love interest for another person. Once the relationship begins, these natives will feel reborn in them feelings that were asleep and that even believed lost.

The water carriers that are already in pairs will put aside the high sexual demand to become more romantic and companions. They will realize that sex, although essential for a healthy and lasting relationship, does not need to be the central axis of the couple. Then they will resurface the activities they did together when they first met. In this way, the adult couples will acquire a youthful, almost adolescent imprint, and they will reconnect from the flirtation, the subtle provocation of the first times and the game. This is how Aquarius will witness the resurgence of the child inside, and how good it can be for the couple to decontract mentally and leave the formalities and worries aside, even for a while.