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Free Libra Forecast : They are highly intelligent natives, and at the same time incredibly naive and gullible. Able to talk until you are deaf, when it comes to listening they are wonderful.
Free Horoscope for Libra :

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and both the second Air sign (after Gemini) and the second ruled by Venus (after Taurus). Libra, perhaps the most sociable of all the signs, symbolizes the need of the human being to occupy a place in the world. In addition, he is fully aware of the roles each person plays on the world stage.

Libra's symbol, the Scales, underscores the need for balance in your life. In fact, Libra can go a long way when weighing alternatives, which sometimes helps them form a well-founded opinion but at other times fills them with indecision and uncertainty. He always tries to ensure that there is justice for everyone, but sometimes he is extremely judgmental. Your Venusian aspects—sexiness, charm, grace, and good humor—are often highly appreciated by others.

Libra can be seen as an evolutionary phase between Virgo and Scorpio, in which discriminatory, analytical, and service-oriented energies become fixed, powerful, and dominant. .