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leo friend and social  astrology prediction for man and women

Leo Friends Horoscopes or Free Social Horoscopes for Leo : You will have visionary ideas and have a strong reforming urge. You are likely to be an active member of mass movements and have revolutionary ideals. You must guard against being carried away and analyze your aims and objectives very carefully.

You will not be afraid to express your own opinion among your friends or at work, and you will become favorites at social events. During this period, you will find yourself in group sports activities, thanks to which you will make a lot of new friends. You will also considerably improve your physical condition, and you will begin to radiate, which will dazzle those around you.

Your ability to argue will make you a professional negotiator, which you will use at work and in everyday situations. You will stop at nothing and you will be very alert. Therefore, if you have avoided some problems, now is the right time to fix them. But when it comes to relations with your friends, you better think about everything in advance, so as not to regret anything.