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leo business horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

Leo Business Horoscope or Leo Business Prediction : You have the capability of being a great leader and may become very famous. You have artistic talent and may choose unusual fields of work.

Body, soul and spirit breathe with relief, you seem to attract good times while stress overflows from you. You absorb the sun, the light and the heat and you feel good. As of 22.7. until 23.8. really get it going. Now the sun moves through your sign. This is not only the ultimate powerhouse in the zodiac, but it is also your personal ruler of the signs. That means you benefit twice. When the days get shorter again in the fall, slow down. As of 24.10. go through a brief dip and need more rest and plenty of sleep. Let the year end in a relaxed way, after all, you have worked enough in spring and summer.