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Leo Horoscope 2019

It begins a year in which Leo will be forced to reflect and act based on the conclusions drawn. Love will say no until we finally realize that a couple is formed in pairs and that the other person is a vital and participatory part of the bond. Luck will knock on the door in the monetary, but if the confident Leon tempts, good situations can be reversed without warning. It is a year of pauses and reflections, but a lot of work for which we must be prepared and full of energy in order to keep pace with the demands.

Leo horoscope 2019 for love

If you are not in a couple, before you can walk the path of life on the arm of your loved one, you will have a long way to go. This year is ideal for exploring in the sexual field, especially to discover new ways of feeling and conceiving sexuality, but this field will be well differentiated from love. more...

Leo horoscope 2019 for work and money

Work is demanding, even inclement for the Leo, who will see their free time far away on the horizon, unable to grasp it to enjoy it. This unrelenting pace of work has a good part: when the time comes to vacation, they can give themselves fully to relax and rest. It is likely that this year's will be the best vacation of their lives. Fortunately for the natives of an ostentatious sign and overturned to the earthly pleasures, the money will come to their hands as rain. In part, we can attribute this streak of economic well-being to the work that increases, while on the other hand we can recognize luck and randomly the other contribution in the bank account of the leonines. With this we refer to inheritance, collection of debts that were considered lost and even a gentle push of chance (which should not be abused, of course).

Leo Horoscope 2019 for Health

The vital energy accompanies you until the middle of the year, so you will need to learn to dose it. Abuse of late nights, alcohol, poor diet and social life will not be a good investment in terms of resources to ensure health for the rest of the year. Taking care of your body and mind are the bases to end the year away from stress and the diseases associated with it, the plague of our century. Mecha recreational activities with all the sport and physical exercise that can be the best way to preserve health, this year half smiling, waiting for a small negligence on your part to have you in medical consultations and exhortations of rest of the second half of the year onwards.

Leo Horoscope 2019 for Family

The precept of this year for the family life of the lions is sharing. This verb is not the favorite of the natives of this sign, but if they begin to practice it, they will be able to enjoy its virtues. The people that surround you in the home environment require, and demand, your attention. It will be essential that you say no to other things in order to see your children grow up, accompany your parents in their golden years and join your brothers; You will discover facets of each of these people that will enrich you as a person.

Leo Horoscope 2019 for Friendship

In 2019 the time will come to give in friendship. Leo is a sign that always expects to receive and feels that others owe their time, love and dedication, but not always they give as much as they receive. We must not be afraid that the time we dedicate to our friends ends up taking away minutes to share with our family, since what matters is the quality, and not the amount, of time we give to the people with whom we have blood ties.

2019 Horoscope Predictions for Leo

See and divide seem to be the two header verbs for Leo this year. "See" alludes to realizing how far our influence can go and to what extent our desires are a request that does not go beyond the limit of what an order is. "Divide" refers to learning to separate things: what we want from what we can achieve; the family of friends; work and health, among other examples. This year, the key will be to give each area the attention it deserves.

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