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Saturn keeps you in peace Taurus. After two years of opposing yourself, that is, generating problems in your relationship with others, especially with the couple, the planet of karma continues its journey. What has your step left you as a teaching and as a gift? Well above all it helped you to define what kind of person you want as a life partner, as a partner and in many cases not only showed you the way but also put you close to the perfect man or woman to accompany you. You had to face, you're going to feel a deep relief, as if you untied a burden stone that you wore tied around your neck.

You are almost free. Yes, Saturn leaves but returns - for a short time, do not be afraid - returns three months, from July to September, to give you your last bye, Or at least a long until soon, because it will take 29 years to return to be opposed to your Sun. Besides that, to release you will have until September good chances of travelling, studying, making friends, new connections and have fun. After that date, a perfect cycle begins to solve your housing problems or consider forming a home.