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Saturn leave you alone Scorpio ! After two and a half years of playing with your natural presence and burden yourself with obligations that you were assuming one by one, with the dedication of a good soldier. After all the problems that you had to face, you will feel a deep relief, as if all burden taken off. You are almost free. That yes. Saturn goes away but returns - for a short time, do not be afraid -, returns three months, from July to September, to give you your last bye, or at least a long until soon, since it will take 29 years to make contact with Your Sun and therefore affect you as in this hard stage. In addition to that, to release you, you will have till September good odds of travelling, It suits you well if you study and resolve any judgment that you initiated in the past year - in your favour, it is understood. After that date starts a perfect cycle for your professional development and apart with very good prospects in the medium term to make money.