Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

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2018 will not be good year for Sagittarius because although you will be as idealistic and positive as always, Saturn over your Sun will bring you responsibilities, commitments, delays and also some losses that will cost you enough to digest. You have ahead of two and a half years of obligatory maturation, stage in which the most important thing to develop will be the patience. given that Sagittarius is not exactly patient, this slowness can be a difficult lesson to assimilate but not impossible. Punctually you will experience these brakes imposed on your crazy race until the first week of July and from the second week of September. From there on you will have very important and positive changes in your personality and those around you may also transform. Probably the first half of the year you have problems but be as you are always, pure impulse and passion. But already in August, with Jupiter entering Virgo , you will calm your march.