Pisces Horoscope 2018

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You have job, you have wellness but you are as lost in life Pisces , aimless, or just beginning to define what is your vocation, what is your mission in life. This is because Jupiter in your House VI saves and expands everything that is working, cooperating, organizing.

It direct your schedules, your occupations or even your food. But Saturn disturbs you quite a bit, especially in professional matters, which will not go as well as you'd like. The interesting thing is that about mid-year you define your course and almost then you start a path of growing in life, slow but sure. And in another order of things also towards the middle of the year the best of these 12 months: love! Jupiter joins Virgo in early August and when you do everything you've always dreamed of in the universe of the couple ... it's going to happen.

It will be a golden age for marriages, for dialogue, union, cooperation and coexistence. If you're with someone, they get along better than ever. If you are without a partner, you know your soul mate and happiness awaits you.