Libra Horoscope 2018

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There will be notable changes for Libra throughout this year 2018. The main thing will be the passage of Jupiter , your House XII , because to be very sociable, connected, expansive, idealistic and trans aggressive, you will go to examine deep issues of your childhood that you They were bothering - perhaps unconsciously - in the last ten to twelve years. It may not be a good cycle, but when Jupiter happens to Libra in the next year, I promise you that you will find yourself renewed and with a clarity of objectives that will surprise you.

In matters of couple I would tell you that between January and August you do very well, provided it is one of those relationships possessive in which friendship is worth more than sex: Are going to have fun and are going to share their best moments with friends or with the group they both belong to. In money matters will be a year of much progress, except between July and September, when for a moment you think you are going back to your worst circumstances last year: do not be scared, it will be a temporary block from which you will quickly recover.