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By June 2017 began for Leo a cycle because Jupiter , after 12 years, returned to your sign. Since then there have been a many innovations, beginnings, good vibes and till the middle of August you will continue to be an exalted Lion, roaring, very cheerful and with initiative. That is good, although it must be recognized that this transition puts you more ego than you naturally have - what king or queen is not ego , right? - and that for the world around you can be a fairly irritating attitude. After that date and for the remainder of the year you are interested in other topics, for example the money theme.

You're going to win well, close down business surpluses, get loans, or make a raise, to have a lot of sales. You will enjoy a great prosperity and that is going to make you take care of the subject since those gusts are not usually eternal and you well know it. As for love, the first part of the year is good since you will be more focused on pleasure, affection and personal connection than on practical matters and, you will be leaving behind family or housing problems that did not leave you Dedicate yourself to the affairs of the heart.