Capricorn Horoscope 2018

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You start walking on the edge of the abyss. It is that with 2018 begins for Capricorn a karmic transition the one of Saturn leaves Sagittarius, the sign previous to yours in the wheel of the zodiac and therefore enters Capricorn. That means that in the coming years you will definitely solve issues that you have been dragging for decades, perhaps since childhood. You pay off all kinds of debts, of the moral and of the others. Close old and deep wounds. You end up with those guilds that eat you up. And you elaborate traumas, complexes, conflicts of all kinds.

That's good; obviously, it's like a total cleanup. But as any major surgery is painful, it gives work and sometimes sadness. That is the strongest thing that is going to happen to you this year 2018. As for the energy of Jupiter is very healing from January to August, At which point it will help Saturn in its process of repairing the unconscious. And from that date onwards will be in your House IX , helping you travel, receive, know the world and find your destiny.