Cancer Horoscope 2018

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The year 2018 begins with a good time for Cancer and it continues, with needs covered at least till August, without the sentimental confusions of last year, although with some health or work problems that will only stop irritating you between June and September But Let's go on Saturn in Sagittarius can cause you practical problem, but emotionally you're fine. If you fell in love between 2012 and this year the relationship is on track - except a possible distance in the middle of 2018 - although for now it is not convenient formalize since if you have income the work cannot be stable.

The other planet that will bring events is Jupiter, which will be in your House II- money, values-much of the period. It will affect your wealth in this way: between January and April is retrograde, So there may be cash circulating but you will not have it in your hand. In April you're downright good, you'll even save. But Fortune, that capricious goddess, is leaving in August, the time of the year when you set about doing business in the future, or you become entangled in an investment that does not yield what it promised to be.