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gemini marriage and family astrology prediction for man and women

Gemini Marriage Horoscope or Free Family Horoscope for Gemini : You will have a happy and successful married life. You are likely to benefit a lot through your marriage. Period between March 23 and April 21 would see a dive in conjugal relations.  Avoid controversy or on an expectation during this period.

Marriage matter would be positive after May .  Rise in the socialization and the positive activity wants to come after August 31 and remain high to December 25,

Your family or your friends claim a lot of attention from you in January, February with some annoyances as a result. Around February 20, the good mood returns fully. At the end of March, concerns take you a little further from yours and yet you need attentive ears. You have a blast with your clan in April and May 💃. You are getting closer to a loved one in June. Summer is nice, you get a little dizzy between close people and one-night acquaintances. Some tensions quickly appeased by the dialogue hover in October. So do what it takes to make the end of the year a cordial one!

Horoscope Gemini for the family For the period to the beginning of May, you will find some distractions to the house after January 25.  Frequent trip could distress national models after January 25 too.  Since your irritable temperament could remain, avoid the controversy during this period.