Yearly Gay Horoscope for Cancer

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Gay Cancer Yearly Horoscope :

It easily can injure the feelings of someone or to abandon his partner.  It would not be any compassion - this is not his natural feeling.  It distinguishes himself by selfishness, of snobbism and confidence in itself.  The experienced people to avoid him, but bear cubs can be charmed by him and abandoned immediately following that they carried him.  A cancer is very attentive to his health and his sexual life is folded to this attention.  It is very erotic, but it can be selfish and offensive in the sexual relations.  His partner must be a masochistic bits to take advantage of his love fully.  The narrower relation than the partnership of the pure sex can be considered by him as his attained one to liberty.  It is not the companion of life good, because of his manner to let the people lower around.  But even a cancer can be tamed by a more masterly person and difficult. 
Compatibility-Taurus, Scorpio
Partnerships- Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Leo
Incompatibility-Libra, Capricorn