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  • Birthdays :- Sep 23 - Oct 23
  • Element :- Air
  • Planetary Ruler :- Venus
  • Quality :- Cardinal
  • Polarity :- +
  • Stones :- Diamond
  • Keywords :- Pleaser, Socializer, Balancer and Relater
  • Free Gay Libra Astrology Forecast : Libra being with people reminds you of responsibilities that you share. Although joy is subdued, you feel better about certain duties that you must perform. Doing necessary, but unwanted, tasks can even be fun. According gay libra horoscope be selective in the company which you choose; focus on a friendship that matters. Sometimes being alone to pursue a singular pleasure is your preference. virgo, engage one thing in this time, or one person, that you like and be content to dispense with the rest-at least for now.