Horoscope For Christmas 2017

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Aries Christmas Horoscope (Mar21-Apr20)
The Paddy period brings gifts and possibly a special package.

Taurus Christmas Horoscope (Apr21-May21)
There's no place like home at Christmas time and nothing to make the home more comfortable than the companionship of a proper partner and we don't mean your pet!

Gemini Christmas Horoscope (May22-June21)
Get your head out of your dilemma and see the feast that's laid out this Christmas time. It may not be just leftovers? Go the Guiness Pie!

Cancer Christmas Horoscope (June22-July23)
A mix of fire and watery energies bring you to a Leprechauns heat that can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Sort of like a game of Twister!

Leo Christmas Horoscope (July24-Aug23)
Lucky in money, lucky in love, Christmas Time is yours to make it a cracker to remember. At the end of the rainbow!

Virgo Christmas Horoscope (Aug24-Sept23)
If you don't favour flying solo, start thinking about the musical qualities of the lil leprechaun and spend time in places that offer such enjoyments. Maybe learn some poetry!

Libra Christmas Horoscope(Sept24-Oct23)
Anything can happen, and it will if you let it, so be open to the very new and the unusual.

Scorpio Christmas Horoscope (Oct24-Nov22)
They say each dog has its day, but you'll make your strongest showing at night. Howls a little in the Christmas festivities!

Sagittarius Christmas Horoscope (Nov23-Dec21)
You own the beginning of the Christmas time, maybe even the year! So take the leprechaun by the hat and set your sights on the object of your affection.

Capricorn Christmas Horoscope (Dec22-Jan20)
The oats you sow early in the month will already be growing by month's end, so sow wisely!

Aquarius Christmas Horoscope (Jan21-Feb19)
The more exotic your little green dream, the more likely it is to come true.

Pisces Christmas Horoscope (Feb20-Mar20)

The Christmas month. A shaky beginning leads to a stimulating ending as you wind your way through a month of meeting new, and sometimes confrontational individuals.