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The Pig years : are 2019,2007,1995,1983,1971, 1959,1947
Hours ruled by the Pig : 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sense of your Zodiac : North-Northwest
Season and principle month : Summer May
Corresponds to the western sign : Libra
Fixed Element : Water
Color : Purple and Brown
Fragrance : Musk
Flower : Azalea
Tree : vine
Metal : Steel
Gemstone : Opal and Topaz
Planet : Mercury
Weekday : Tuesday
Number : 8
The native pigs will not find many challenges during the Year of the Dragon and will appreciate the experiences and opportunities offered.

On the work and professional front, these natives will succeed with their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the past. You will receive encouragement from superiors and elders and you will excel in your profession.

Money and finances are excellent, with increased inflow of money and income from other sources. For the natives of the sign of the Pig, social life is hectic and satisfying this year.

Family life will be active, and the pig natives will be able to help and guide family members with their authority and experience this year.

• Year of birth of the Earth Pig: 1959, 2024
• Year of birth of the metal pig: 1971, 2031
• Year of birth of the water pig: 1983
• Year of birth of the wooden boar: 1995
• Year of birth of the fire pig: 1947, 2007

Pig 2024 Love horoscope

It won't be easy getting along with people this year 2024, dear Pig. You will feel very emotional and often alone or misunderstood, but these are just passing feelings. You will have to work hard to resolve some conflicts with your partner before they become a relationship crisis, but finally the much-needed calm will come after the storm. Overly aggressive friends and family should stay away from introducing toxic energies into your life.

Pig 2024 Work horoscope

Work in 2024 will give you good satisfaction , but you will have to go through some difficult moments first. At the beginning of the year they will test you and you will have a tendency to isolate yourself. If you look around you carefully, you will notice that there is someone close to you whose help could be essential to achieve your goals. This is not necessarily a material help. However, most of the work will be your responsibility, as will the results. There is no shortage of income, but don't let yourself be fooled this year 2024.

Pig 2024 Wealth horoscope

Pigs engaged in creative work , advertising, editing, directing, and other related jobs, will find that creativity and inspiration continue to come to mind. Creative Pigs, as long as they get a project, they will be able to demonstrate their talent and win the favor and attention of superiors and investors at work. So their overall revenue projection for this year 2024 is very impressive.

Pigs who do business , your fortune this year 2024 may not be so good. Due to the strong competition in the market, consumers are less likely to buy. It is suggested that you change your marketing strategy to a fresher perspective that will start attracting consumers to come and buy. Pigs, whether they are a business owner or a normal employee, do not easily cooperate with others, otherwise the annoyance will easily outweigh the profit.

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