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The Monkey years: are 2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944 1932 1920
Hours ruled by the Monkey: 3 pm to 5 pm
Sense of your Zodiac: West-Southwest
Season and principle month: Summer – August
Corresponds to the western sign: Scorpio
Fixed Element: Metal
Stem: Positive
Color: White
Fragrance: Ylang-ylang
Taste: Aromatic
Food: Cheese
Drink: Beaten with milk
Spice: Cumin
Animal: Seagull
Plant: Ivy
Flower: lilaz
Tree: Eucalyptus
Metal: Uranium
Stone: Carbunite
Music Instrument: Piano
Day of the Month: 27
Number: 13

2024 will be an exciting and lucky year for the Monkey. You must be ready to take on more responsibilities in your career. Entrepreneurs can start new ventures by fostering social connections. You must be careful to control expenses while looking for satisfactory companies. Monkey's private life will be lively and fun. The family atmosphere will be nice and friendly. Social connections with new people will help increase earnings. Pleasant visits with family members will add to family happiness.

• Year of birth of the Earth Monkey: 1968, 2028
• Year of birth Metal monkey: 1980
• Year of birth of the water monkey: 1992
• Year of birth of the wood monkey: 1944, 2004
• Year of birth Fire monkeys: 1956, 2016

Monkey 2024 Love

Dear Monkey, 2024 is a good year for love and relationships . You will feel satisfied and romantic, although it is better not to overwhelm yourself too much with the fire of feelings and emotions, to avoid burning yourself. There is a risk that you will miss someone very important, so be careful to follow your heart and do not give up beforehand.

Monkey 2024 Work

Many problems at work will be solved , and they can also get out of the state of chaos , organize all the work correctly, and let their career move forward in a stable and orderly manner. However, at work, they may offend people due to inappropriate words this year 2024. In the process of cooperation with colleagues, they must pay attention to their own words and actions. Try not to participate in other people's struggle , so as not to get into trouble.

Monkey 2024 Wealth

The Monkeys will get the help of two lucky stars in 2024, they may get a lot of money , they will also bring a lot of new customers, and their performance will continue to increase. For the Monkeys who do business , they must be prepared for the ups and downs that can happen in a while, when acquiring wealth they must reserve some money for emergencies.

Monkey 2024 Health

Despite the good luck of 2024, it is unfortunately not your year when it comes to health. Trouble sleeping, migraines, colds, and the flu will haunt you for the next twelve months. In particular, February and November 2024 are the two most unlucky months when it comes to health. Try to control the stress load so as not to make the situation worse.

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