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The Dog years : are 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934 1922...
Hours ruled by the Dog : 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sense of your Zodiac : West-northwest
Season and principle month : Autumn April
Corresponds to the western sign : Libra
Fixed Element : Metal
Stem : Positive
Color : Pink and Blue
Fragrance : Jasmine and Lavender
Flower : Hydrangea
Tree : Apple
Metal : Bronze
Gemstone : Diamond
Planet : Venus
Weekday : Friday
Number : 6,0,7
The Dog will face a lot of opposition during the year 2024 to maintain his current lifestyle. He has to avoid dangers with the help of others, and he has to adapt to changing environments. Things would be better if he could handle challenges with diplomacy and caution.

Family life will be happy, and he must solve internal problems without seeking outside help. He will have to spend some time and money on home modifications. These help you face the future with courage and confidence.

• Earth Dog Birth Year: 1958, 2018
• Metal Dog's birth year: 1970, 2030
• Year of birth of the water dog: 1982
• Year of birth of the wooden dog: 1994
• Year of birth of the fire dog: 1946, 2006

Dog 2024 Love Horoscope

For married Dogs , this year 2024 they will often quarrel with their partner and have a very cold attitude. they will put themselves in a dangerous situation relationally for a long time. When faced with temptations, they are likely to do things that will hurt their partner. It is recommended that the two of you sit down and communicate frankly face to face. Ambiguous disputes and "cold wars" cannot solve your problems.

For Dogs in love , this year 2024 will be suitable for them to enter the domain of marriage. If you have no plans to get married, the two of you will be more likely to break up this year 2024.

For single Dogs , this year 2024 you may meet the love of your life, who will be very compatible with you in terms of personality, career, etc. If you have a good impression of him/her, you need to express her/his intentions in time and don't see happiness slipping away.

Dog 2024 Work Horoscope

The stars are in favor if you feel ready for a radical change. In any case, you will come across some obstacles that will stand between you and your goal. Keep in mind that gossip only causes trouble, making it even more difficult to get through tough times. There is a way to turn bad luck into good luck and keep moving forward on the path of success: listen and be available to those who need you and do not turn down opportunities to collaborate.

Dog 2024 Wealth Horoscope

The employed Dogs will have the idea of ​​starting a business this year 2024. Before making a decision, they should do various preparations and research the market thoroughly.

Business Dogs have to try more projects this year 2024 to earn more money. But it should be noted that when exploring new projects, do not invest too much money at once. First invest a small portion and then do a full optimization based on the profits made.

this year 2024 you need to keep in mind that there will be a sudden financial crisis at some point, so be sure to anticipate it and set aside enough funds to support the operation of your business.

Dog 2024 Health Horoscope

Dear Dogs, if you manage to get away from excesses this year 2024 , you will not have major health problems. It is also important to take time to rest your body and mind. You will be very busy, but you should not neglect yourself. Autumn 2024 will be a time when it will be easy to get sick or injured, while in May you should avoid embarking on adventures that require tests of bravery.

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