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Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2020 :

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2020

Strong and intrepid, you show your skills in the job. You have a lot in front of you and you are moving your projects forward. It's worth it financially. As a spring sign, you are at the forefront in the first months of the year. Singles are the favourites for a sparkling flirtation and are in the mood for adventure. Couples enjoy the togetherness and let the erotic fire flare up. In summer, you are more reserved. You act less emotionally and have more of your financial advantage in mind. In autumn you need distance from everyday life, a holiday is just right. They are open to culture and enjoyment of life. Family matters are developing well. In the job, on the other hand, you lack a bit of motivation. In winter, however, work is possible in which patience and concentration are important. This is an ideal phase for further education. They are mentally very receptive. Their mental strength also promotes physical stability.

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