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2020 Chinese Horoscope Rooster

They are in demand. In the job you appreciate your experience and your foresight. Problems are at the root. They also help others to bring order to their lives. In love, reliability and fidelity count more than hot passion. In the summer, singles could find what they are looking for. Couples feel like they're freshly in love. When it crashes at short notice, the tension even seems erotically attractive. Travel brings a lot of joy and the desired inspiration. In autumn you will find yourself physically and mentally in your midst. You strengthen your immune system and do something for your fitness. You also get involved in love. In the job you are focused. You solve problems quickly and organize your finances. Autumn is also well suited for major purchases. In winter, your home side breaks through. Cozy hours with your loved ones are important to you. Couples build more closeness to each other in this way. Singles are open to love, but don't look forcefully

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