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Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2020 :

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope

They look attractive and sexy in spring. Singles feel this positive trend and have a great desire for flirting and amorous pleasure. It also tingles intensely in relationships. In your job, you have a very good relationship with supervisors, authorities or important people who can help you with your projects. In summer, you can do more in everyday life and are also happy to be active in your free time. For professional and private projects, you achieve what you set out to do. In autumn, the focus is on love. The Venus Sun spoils you with romance. Creative hobbies also make fun and wellness and care quickly regenerating. The influences of winter cost strength. It is a good thing that your loved ones give you the necessary support. Long-term perspectives count in the job. Now continuity is more important to you than short-term success. With your money you deal very sensibly and pay attention to savings potential.

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