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Pig Chinese Horoscope 2020 : Chinese Horoscope pig In the job, it's important to show assertiveness. The more you assert yourself, the better you feel. And the more progress is made. Also in love, the partner must not only expect understanding from you. Talk openly about what moves you. The Jupiter Sun brings clarity to possible misunderstandings. Singles should show some direct interest if they like someone. In summer you have to fight for your ideas and views. But you can now also achieve new consistency. Autumn will be harmonious. You understand each other better because you rely on clear announcements. So everyone knows what they are up to. Before the year comes to an end, give gas again in winter. In the job you take good opportunities, also better income is in it. But the highlight is love. Singles could meet a soulmate. Couples harmonize on all essential points and build new trust in each other.

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