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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2020 :

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2020

In the spring you can also achieve ambitious goals. The influences of the Jupiter sun work very well when it comes to a change or a change. They are about to ascend and to a positive turnaround. In love, however, you need more freedom. In summer, the Martian sun enables greater activity in the job, in sports and in private projects. Your joie de vivre is great and you quickly infect others with it. Erotic adventures and passionate feelings are to be expected. In autumn, you feel you need to do more for yourself and build small escapes into everyday life. In love, a few small course corrections are needed. But in conversation, you quickly get closer to your partner. In winter, everything works long-term, such as contract negotiations and investments. Loyalty is easy for you, the relationship is fortified. Singles are now more careful that a future companion is also mentally on the same wavelength.

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