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Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2019

The changes through which the sign of the Tiger will transit during 2019 will be necessary and, although you often think that you are facing some problems because of it, it will be absolutely essential that you embrace this transformation. The months of June and July will be exhausting , but the rewards for that effort will be substantial during the months of October and November. We must remember that many times you have had to change certain negative attitudes in your life will help you to make the process of transformation much more auspicious. During 2019, the sign of the Tiger must give great importance to family and friendship. You have gone through many experiences, so you should not fear this new period, but just the opposite, embrace it and appreciate it as a challenge that will push you to achieve something better in the future.


The strong personality and sometimes impulsive character has led you to make mistakes in the love field, but during 2019 you will realize that a much more relaxed attitude will give you more than you imagine. Love will be important during the new period , so many will feel the desire to have a new partner, but not until the rest and family love has been prioritized. It is not only from the love of a couple that positive things can be taken out and those who do not have a commitment will benefit greatly from this thought. The romance must remain for another occasion, since for the sign of the Tiger it will be essential to learn from the Pig of the Earth the value of friendship and family. Your loved ones will be a source of support and the problems that occur within the primary core will be solved before the second semester of the year. The committed must reveal their true feelings at every moment, a very good news for those who have a partner, since you will learn that sincerity is always the best tool to make love grow. During the months of June and July you will be more irritable than usual, so you are advised not to react badly and give greater value to the sincere conversation with the loved one.

Work and Money

Not only is constant effort and your intelligence will help you to have a successful 2019 in the workplace. You must learn to work with others and value the contribution they make in your work. Learning from the experience of those who have spent more time in a position or in your place of performance will be the best way to advance and climb. The month of May will be ideal to ask for a salary increase or to change work direction in search of new opportunities . The months of June and July will be ideal for business and the period between August and November will be positive for those who want to start up a personal project. During these two periods, the Land Pig will shine brightly and give you all its positive energy so that you can get the best results from this new year.


Try to have peace of mind and calm anxiety at all times. 2019 will be a period of change and much reflection, so you can not interrupt your process with the usual stress of daily tasks. Jasmine will be your ideal flower , because it will project confidence and help you improve when you feel lost or overwhelmed by problems. An infusion of flowers will also help you relax your muscles and smile a lot more. Your color of power will be the orange tree and the bluish tones will help you reflect better. Your positive attraction stone will be jasper , which will give you strength and repel the negative energies or envy of some negative people.

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