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Snake Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

2019 Chinese Horoscope Snake

The positive ambition and the desire to achieve your goals will be the most beneficial aspects that the Year of the Land Pig will provide you. The sign of the Serpent will be able to identify very well the obstacles that have impeded success so far and will defeat for a good time that sense of failure that does nothing to help him achieve his goals. You are astute, charismatic, magnetic, do not lose all those good characteristics for not having the will to improve. The Year of the Land Pig will give you the confidence you need and the courage to face all the negative. At work you will receive great news in mid-May and in love you will be blessed by a strong and well-established family nucleus.


A period of much love awaits the always elusive sign of the Serpent , who will realize that many times the pains of the heart do not have a real sense when you have good people by your side. Friends will be a constant support group, especially during the months of February and March, at which time you must change your attitude if you want to achieve your goals. Those who do not have a partner will receive a lot of company from nearby people, but it will be the family that will prevail in every way. Many conflicts of years will come to an end and the best time for a rapprochement to the primary core will occur between the months of April and May. Those who have a partner they will be very benefited during the months of August and September, since during that date the Pig of Earth will show all its positive attraction in your sign and will help you to get along better with the loved one. Gone should be the grudges for differences or for the mistakes that each has made, all to make way for a second semester much more positive in the romane and passion.

Work and Money

While it will not be a period of many changes in the workplace, it will be a very successful year for the sign of the Serpent. The work will be much more enhanced within the period between the months of March to July. During that date, you must take advantage of the good aspects that the Land Pig will give to sign a new contract, request a salary increase or advancement of position. The months of July and August will be useful for business , especially for those who started at the beginning of 2019. Do not forget that the Land Pig will give you many benefits, which will be much more present and will be more abundant during the months of October and December , time in which you will be already thinking about a new personal project that will surely be successful in the near future.


The cleverness of your sign will not be enough to keep you away from all kinds of problems. The drawbacks are normal in the lives of human beings, but you must use all the wisdom that the Pig of Earth will give you to see them as an opportunity to improve and not as a real obstacle. Cactus flowers will be your source of power and will help you attract positive energy, but remember to keep them out of the house and so they can be a constant flow of good energy. The topaz will be your power stone and your color to improve your luck will be coffee and violet tones.

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